Do you take walk ins?

It is possible from time to time there is availability for walk ins, but it is never guaranteed. Securing an appointment through a consult and with a deposit is the only way to guarantee Tattoo time.

What do you charge?

Both Nathan and Emily are currently charging $150 per hour. There is a $150 minimum for all tattoos.

Why do I need a consult?

A consultation gives us as artists a more clear understanding on how to design a piece to fit your body, and if what you are looking to get done is a good match for our style. At a consult we take digital pictures, a physical trace of the area and we can discuss the direction you would like to go with the design. At that time, if you wish to continue with booking, we secure the tattoo time with a deposit. Typically $100 to $200.

What is the deposit for?

A deposit is a non refundable, non transferable amount that secures the artists time for the appointment as well as their time prepping for the design. The full deposit amount comes off the overall price of the tattoo.

Do you take card as payment?

Cash is preferred to avaoid transaction fees. We accept cash and credit via Square.

Can my child attend the tattoo appointment with me?

We do not allow any children in the shop. If you are having issues with childcare, let us know and we will be happy to find another appointment time to accommodate you.

Can my friend/parent/significant other attend my appointment with me?

Sure! However, we do ask that you only have one person attend with you as it becomes very distracting if there is a group in our workspace.